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Chainmaille product information

Chainmaille (or chainmail, chain mail, chain maille, or maille) is the ancient art form of linking metal rings together. The European 4 in 1 weave is probably the most commonly recognized, and was historically used for battlefield armor. There are currently many weaves, or patterns, that have been created for jewelry making.

The process of making chainmaille starts with coiling and cutting wire, creating the jump rings needed for a specific pattern. I do not coil and cut my own rings, I prefer to purchase them from high quality suppliers. There are two ways to cut the coiled wire, saw-cutting and pinch-cutting. Saw-cut rings have been sawed and will have flat ends that will butt up against each other nicely. Pinch-cut rings will have a pinched appearance at either end of the jump ring and will not close as smoothly as saw cut rings. I only use saw-cut rings for my jewelry, providing you the smoothest piece of jewelry possible. I occasionally use pinch cut rings for wallet chains and foot bags.

Jump rings will arrive neither open nor closed, but slightly "ajar" from the coiling process. When I start to weave a piece, I must open each individual ring using pliers, weave them into the pattern, and close each individual ring. It can be a time consuming process, but I love it!

The pieces in my store are but a mere sample of all of the glorious things that can be made with chainmaille. 

I take great pride in my work, and I am a perfectionist. I take the time to ensure each ring is properly closed, therefore offering you the best product possible. I guarantee my work to be free from any defects.